Dispatches from Maine: Truck full of Art


During the First Friday festivities in Portland, ME, a group of artists got together to organize a little mobile gallery intervention. Pilar Nadal, and  Carlos Pileggi (both MFA candidates at MECA), with the help of the zine-wunderkind, Sigrid H., joined forces to present the city with a rolling print sideshow! More tales of this zany adventure after the jump! (more…) [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Studio Visit with Adriane Herman


One studio we were sure to visit while in Portland was that of artist and printmaker, Adriane Herman. Follow the jump and see a studio that is a) more or b) less cluttered than your own. (more…) [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Studio Visit with Slop Art


During our recent trip in Maine, we were excited to have an opportunity to visit the secret headquarters/RD lab of the Slop Art Brand, which also happens to be the studio of multidisciplinary artist and teacher, Brian Reeves. Brian was kind enough to spend some time showing us around his latest prototype to distribute art to the masses, the Effluence Express (image above). Part vending machine, part diorama, part mobile exhibition device, this object has it all and defies description. Follow this post through the rabbit hole after the jump! (more…) [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Studio Visit with Karen Gelardi


Karen Gelardi is a Portland-based artist whose work does not easily fit into categories. Working out of a primary interest in creating a conversation between replicating patterns in nature and modes of production, she creates a range of objects, books, textiles, installations, photographs, and participatory projects that often employ elements of chance, various commercial printing processes, and drawing systems. She was kind enough to invite us into her studio during our recent residency in Maine, and it was a total delight. Many more pictures after the jump. (more…) [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Lazer Hotel at the ICA


The Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), which is embedded physically and pedagogically into the Maine College of Art (MECA), is one of the hubs for contemporary art in Portland, ME. Daniel Fuller directs the ICA with a laid back charm that camouflages the energy he puts into keeping the ICA programming whip-smart and bleeding edge. The ICA has three gallery spaces, and while all the exhibitions I saw (here) were excellent, I want to take this post to focus on their storefront gallery, which housed the Lazer Hotel. Concisely described on the ICA site, The front gallery at the ICA has been transformed into a magazine office for a new project called the Lazer Hotel Magazine, a print publication created and print [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Space Gallery


Our recent exhibition and residency in Portland, ME, was made possible thanks to generous support of the Space Gallery. Part of our mission while in Portland was to visit and write about the visual art excitement happening all over town; we would be remiss if we didn't give the 10 year old arts space its due. And we aren't giving them a shout-out just because they are hosting the best zine show in town. No they earned this post because of the crazy exhbition they had in their other gallery/performance space next door. The first American installation of the Italian design concern, Carnovsky's jaw-dropping RGB wallpaper. More Pictures after the Jump! (more…) [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Wolfe Editions


We were lucky enough to revisit David Wolfe at Wolfe Editions, an amazing Letterpress shop, during our residency at Space Gallery in Portland, ME. You might recall that we visited this printshop about a year ago during our last trip to Maine, so this post will mostly be an update of all the new stuff going on at Wolfe Editions. To start with David has taken on his first apprentice, beginning what he hopes will develop into a an old-school Master Printer program focusing on the letterpress equipment in his shop, but also developing the collaborative skills that are essential when working with an artist. On that note, Wolfe Editions will continue its regular work producing artist editions, high-end contract print [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Pickwick Independent Press and Their Presses!


  Another studio visit from Maine, this time it's Pickwick Press. You may recall that we wrote about this remarkable community print shop about a year ago, so in many ways this posts focuses on what has changed. And you'll be happy to know quite a bit has changed in that year, all for the better. Lisa Pixley, the founder of Pickwick, picked up this great old AB Dick press, which they hacked to print polymer letterpress plates, allowing them to produce high volume detailed relief prints in a hurry. They are open to working with anyone who might have a good project for their latest toy. And with the addition of new space to the print shop, Lisa worked closely with the engineering genius that [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Strong Arm Bindery


During our time in Maine we were able to visit Strong Arm Bindery, a bindery, fine book making, and book restoration shop, that sports it's own letterpress shop (in collaboration with 43rd Parallel Press). This picturesque workshop is situated in the former Parts Department of a historic steam engine factory on the East End waterfront of Portland. As it's founder and primary employee (not counting the Cat) Martha Kearsley is Strong Arm Bindery, when she's not teaching at the very cool North Bennet Street School in Boston (read a great interview on the Armfuls of Show and Tell blog), she can be found here working her craft and trade. From her nook in the old factory she does all kinds of restoration work [...]

Dispatches from Maine: Rum Riot Press Opening Night


Thanks to everyone who came out for the Rum Riot Press opening reception last night! And for those of you who couldn't be there this post will serve as a little recap. And also as a reminder about upcoming events, this Saturday we will have an all day Zine Workshop at Space Gallery, read a description of the event here. And we will be visiting studios and writing about local artists all next week. Look to our Notebook Tumblr & Twitter feed for daily updates. Follow the jump for more photos and startling revelations! (more…) [...]

Dispatches from Portland: Peregrin Press Studio Visit


While in Maine for the Rum Riot Press exhibition at Space Gallery, we are taking every opportunity to visit with local artists, printshops and related sites of creative activity. Last week I met with Alice Spencer and Soozie Large at Peregrine Press for just such a studio tour. Peregrine Press is Portland's oldest cooperative print studio. It was founded in 1991 at a time where there were far fewer coop shops than now, their space is charming and well-taken care of by it's membership. This photo-essay will lead you through this storied and active print community. For many more pictures follow the jump. (more…) [...]